Hi, I am Poonam Verma.

A mom and a creator of wiselittleone.com – an online platform that offers amazing stories, poems, and educational content for kids and parenting tips and suggestions for parents. I and my husband started this platform with a simple idea in mind – to share interesting content for children and to share our experiences and ideas with other parents who may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising a child.

As a mom, I know just how important it is to provide children with the right education right from an early age. This inspired me to start sharing stories, poems, and books with my daughter and engaging her in creative activities. And it worked like magic! Seeing the positive impact that these activities had on my little one, I and my husband decided to create a blog where we could share our ideas with other parents and kids.

Our blog is not just a platform for sharing ideas; it’s a community where we would like parents and children to come together to learn and grow. From parenting tips to child development ideas and creative activities, wiselittleone.com has it all! I understand how challenging it can be to keep children engaged and entertained, especially when they are surrounded by screens. But with this blog, I am trying to provide parents with fun and engaging ideas that will spark their children’s imagination, curiosity, and learning.